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Is a boxing studio located in Sonoma, CA. We offer boxing classes and private training for every level. we help young athletes to compete in boxing competitions around the Bay Area.



Alex Ventura is the founder of FIRST2FIGHT BOXING STUDIO. He graduated in 1999 from Sonoma Valley High School. In 2002 Alex started training in the art of jiujitsu. From there, Alex trained and gained experience from many local boxing and jiujitsu gyms. He is currently a purple belt under Saul Escalera from Napa BJJ. It has always been a goal for Alex to start his own gym. Alex was forced to stop training and competing due to a debilitating sports injury. In 2012, Alex started teaching a boxing and jiujitsu class at a local gym in Sonoma, CA. The class grew so popular that Alex decided it was time to start his own gym. FIRST2FIGHT was founded in October 2012. FIRST2FIGHT BOXING CLUB is a registered boxing club under USA Boxing, where Alex is a licensed boxing coach. Since opening the gym in 2012, Alex has gone on to receive his personal training certification.

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